Problem at Many Service Bureaus Hartley Data Service Solution
Inflexible processing schedule. HDS will process according to your requirements.
Changes in the middle of the processing cycle. Notify HDS and we will make the changes.
Inexperience and/or little attention paid to your reader service program, because many other services consider it a "secondary" function of their business. Hartley Data Service has provided Reader Service since 1952; it is important to us.
No way to screen out the "information collectors." The client determines who gets the inquiries.
No quality control to eliminate incorrect advertisers, numbers, etc. HDS's combination of personal attention and computer error checking programs help to eliminate these types of errors.
Non-responsive, won't listen. HDS will make custom modifications as requested by the client.
Excessive set-up or conversion charge(s). No set-up charges. Conversion is free.