Hartley Data Reader Service Processing

  • Processing card and web-based inquiries for three (3) months after publication
  • Processing inquiries as requested
  • Reporting package available as hard copy and online distribution:

    Inquiry Form

    Contains the gummed labels (top sheet) with respondents' names, addresses, telephone and fax numbers, email addresses, and demographic codes, plus two additional copies, one going to the advertiser and the other to the publisher. These forms can be custom printed to your specifications.

    Advertiser Listing

    Lists the magazine's advertisers. It is updated monthly to reflect any changes or additions. Although its primary purpose is to insure that the sales leads for the items in each new issue are sent to the appropriate advertiser, the report also shows the last month a company advertised in the magazine. This feature is particularly useful to the Sales Manager.

    Advertiser Summary

    Provides monthly and cumulative response data for each advertisement and editorial by advertiser. This report can be sequenced by advertiser or by sales representative. From a sales perspective, it is no doubt the most useful of the standard reader service reports since it allows the magazine's sales force to go directly to the advertiser and demonstrate the response received on a particular ad. The sales person can show how the number of inquiries received is influenced by altering the design, size, number, color, graphic technique, and content of the ad.

    Issue Summary

    Detailed summary of each issue. It provides analysis by type of circle, (e.g., advertisement or editorial--note that up to nine different categories are available). The report also counts the number of circles and respondents by run for 20 runs, and also shows to-date totals.

    Respondent List

    The list provides sales leads and potential new members/subscribers. It details the names and addresses of each respondent, including their demographic codes. Also, the list provides a summary of the demographic data by issue, both for the current month and cumulatively. This report is very useful for determining the demographics of the magazine's readership.