Hartley Data Additional Services


Tear Sheets

Send the actual advertisements to your advertisers to show them what the respondents are inquiring about. First and second mailings only.

Enclosures (Inserts)

Can insert promotional material for clients in the mailings being sent to the advertisers.

Issue Extensions

Process inquiries from specified issues beyond the standard three month period. This service is particularly important for special issues and annuals/directories.

"How to Buy" Service

Increase inquiries by setting up "how to buy" or generic categories to generate more inquiries.

Custom Inquiry Forms and Envelopes

Let advertisers know the source of their leads by including your logo and/or other messages on the inquiry forms and envelopes.

Electronic Media

Sales leads and reports can be distributed by email, diskette, magnetic tape, or on the web.

Annual Advertisers Summary

Same as monthly advertiser summary, except that it provides an annual summary of advertising respondents. A great tool for your advertising sales staff.

Specialized Respondent Analysis

As required, analysis of respondents with simple counts or cross-tabulations available.

Other Services

Hartley Data Service will customize the reader service program to fit your unique requirements.