Sales Leads in the Digital Age

Hartley Data has been thus named since 1967, but we’ve been handling reader service for publications since 1952.  There are still quite a large number of publications whose advertisers solicit sales leads from their readership via the conventional reader service card (bingo card).  Many solicit through a web-based form (sometimes called a web card) or through emails, and other advertisers just cite their own website, having print ads point to their web address.

In an age where people are more wary of sharing their information, trying to avoid “junk mail, telemarketers, and spam,” and publications are trying to cut their budget by avoiding extra costs, some magazines have moved away from reader service cards (both postcards and online webcards).

Others have found that the leads generated by the cards are actually among the best possible customers.  They are the ones committed enough to share their contact information and willing to receive the outreach and sales pitch from the advertisers because they have a need to be filled.

Please share your thoughts on the future of reader service.

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